The City of Miami Beach Parks & Recreation department works throughout the year to make sure our parks are the best they can be. Recently, the Parks and Recreation Deputy Director Elizabeth Valera, presented a comprehensive plan regarding the improvements of many North Beach parks at a Blue Ribbon Panel meeting. North Beach news caught up with Valera who provided us with more details on these upgrades.

North Shore Bandshell Park

Located within the North Shore Bandshell Park, at 7275 Collins Avenue is the North Shore Community Center, which is programmed for seniors by UNIDAD of Miami Beach. According to the organization’s mission, UNIDAD is a community-based organization that serves as a social service, advocacy, leadership development, and cultural affairs organization on behalf of the residents of Miami Beach.

“At this site, we will be breaking ground very soon to construct a Domino Pavilion,” said Valera. “The pavilion is the first of three and will include four domino tables for park patrons to use.  The pavilion will be nestled within the luscious landscaping, providing an ideal location for this pastime.”

Domino Pavilion Ceremony North Beach Park Improvements

Photos Courtesy of City of Miami Beach. Right to left: Mayor Philip Levine introduces the Domino Pavilion proposal to an audience of North Beach residents and City officials. Mayor Levine sets off the inaugural domino tumble! President of Urban Resource and creator of North Beach News, Daniel Veitia, advocates for North Beach improvements with City Manager Jimmy Morales and North Beach Property Owners Association President, Matis Cohen.


North Shore Open Space Park

North Shore Open Space Park Picnic TablesLocated from 79th-86th Street on Collins Avenue, North Shore Open Space Park is known for its oceanfront location and outdoor amenities. Recently, the park was approved, by Commission, for a redesign. Valera said, she doesn’t have specifics about the project at this time. However, they will be hiring a firm to develop the plan soon. North Beach News can’t wait to see the plans for this beautiful space.



North Shore Park Aerial North BeachNorth Shore Park

Located at 501 72nd Street, the North Shore Park & Youth Center is a recreational facility that provides fun for the whole family. According to Valera, this facility will receive new restrooms and a storage area to enhance the overall experience for guests. They will also renovate the existing restrooms by the tennis center.



Normandy Shores Park

Normandy Shores Fitness ClusterThe Normandy Shores Park, located at 2401 Biarritz Drive, is directly across from the Normandy Shores Golf Course and Clubhouse. The area has been transformed to an outdoor fitness center for locals.

“At this park, we successfully installed a Fitness Cluster of ten stations under a shaded structure, which was completed under Phase I of the project,” said Valera. “Residents and park patrons can exercise overlooking the Biscayne Bay.  Phase II will complete the park with landscaping, benches, a walkway, water fountain and more.“ See more photos from the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


Crespi Park

Crespi Park New Playground North BeachCrespi Park, located at 7801 Crespi Boulevard, features a comprehensive play structure with hopscotch boards, a log roll, tot swings, a basketball court and field.  In March of 2015, more than 250 volunteers gathered for the massive project that benefits more than 1,200 local children and families.

“A great project took place at this park,” said Valera. “In Partnership with Kaboom, the Irie Foundation and Jet Blue, the playground was replaced with a new system that was actually designed as a collaboration of children from the neighborhood.  The project also included a painting and the building of tables and benches. This was a project similar to the show Extreme Makeover but it was a park instead of a house.” Read more about how your neighbors built this park in a day!

Tatum Park

Tatum Park New Volleyball Courts North BeachLocated at 8050 Byron Avenue, Tatum Park is traditionally known for its active children’s play structure, chain climber, basketball court and field. The park has received some upgrades of which both children and adults will enjoy.

“We recently installed two sand volleyball courts with lighting,” said Valera.  “This allows for public play and competitive play.  We currently program the courts with a third party vendor that provides classes and instruction.  At the same park, we recently replaced the old dilapidated playground with a new system that includes a shade structure and safety surfacing.”

Stillwater Park

Stillwater Park New Playground North Beach

Photo Courtesy of City of Miami Beach

Located at 8440 Hawthorne Avenue, Stillwater Park is used by many of the local children. The park was recently revamped with a new play structure, which has become the talk of the area.

“This project replaced the existing playground with a new, vibrant playground for the community to use,” said Valera. “The new playground consists of six different stations including the swings.  A ribbon cutting event was held on August 13th, where the City Manager, Jimmy Morales and Commissioner Steinberg were present, along with many of the families from the neighborhood.”


Altos Del Mar

Located on Collins Avenue between 76th and 77th Street, Altos del Mar will be receiving a massive overhaul and is one of the most exciting projects coming to North Beach.

After several community meetings, the Altos Del Mar Park Conceptual Master Plan Design was presented to the City Commission and was adopted on July 23, 2014,” said Valera. “Subsequently an architectural and engineering firm was selected to carry out the park redesign project.  The design includes a pedestrian entrance, open sodded areas, landscape and irrigation, pedestrian beach access, restrooms, office/storage area, sand volleyball courts, playground, retaining/sitting walls, lighting and more.”

Parkview Park

Parkview Proposed Park Site North BeachLocated on Bruce Street and Wayne Avenue on Parkview Island lies a passive park and parking lot. According to Valera, in this current budget year, the Mayor and Commission approved the installation of a playground and a fitness circuit. The Parks and Recreation Department will be hosting a community meeting to discuss the impending project and allow the community to participate in the project design. Stay tuned for updates on these meetings.



The City has been focusing their efforts on refurbishing many of the park’s playgrounds. According to Valera, studies report that playgrounds are vital for a child’s cognitive, emotional, physical and social development.  Additionally, there has been a focus on improving or installing fitness machines. Studies also confirm that circuit training, exercising in short bursts on 9 to 12 stations, provides people with the tools for proper weight loss, muscle gain and increased strength, according to Valera.

Many other projects have been proposed in the 2015-2016 Budget Cycle, including the installation of artificial turf at Normandy Isles Park field. Stay tuned with North Beach News as we stay on top of the development of these massive projects. Are there parks in your neighborhood that could use some improvement?

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Article Written by: Danny Diaz October 15th, 2015

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  • melinda pearce

    All the improvements to the parks are nice. I would like to learn more about what is planned for the Open Space Park. This park is one of the largest parks in Miami Beach. With the right vision it could be to Miami Beach what Central Park is to NYC. Is it possible for the plans to include a Japanese tea house or a coffee cafe in a life guard house or light house, a carousel, gardens with art sculptures and tropical plants (MB Botanical Gardens could help with) a small petting zoo for children, and sail boats ponds or koi fish ponds, or a nature area with tropical animals or an aviary. It would be advantageous to involve the entire community with their ideas for this park. It is a park for all ages!
    It is an unique park with beautiful open space. The opportunity should not be missed! Melinda Pearce