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The ideal South Florida neighborhood can consist of many things to many people. For some, feeling the sand between their toes is a priority, so proximity to the beach is important. Others care about frolicking in well-maintained parks. Others, still, prefer to stare at the soothing sea, so living on or near the water is key. Convenient shopping or the chance to grab a bite can be a consideration for some as well. In the North Beach neighborhood known as Biscayne Beach, all of those elements are available – and then some.

If you are unaware of its semi-hidden yet central location, Biscayne Beach can be easily missed. Surrounded by three other neighborhoods, the community stretches from 77th to 86th Street in the City of Miami Beach. The Tatum Waterway snakes along its eastern boundary, separating it from the North Shore neighborhood, which is just west of A1A. The one-block-long Stillwater neighborhood protrudes westward into Biscayne Bay from Biscayne Beach’s northwestern end. And the horseshoe-shaped area called Biscayne Point extends west from Biscayne Beach’s southwestern side.

Platted in 1945, rather late in Miami Beach’s history, Biscayne Beach is not surprisingly populated by a multitude of modest but eye-catching Miami Modern multi-family dwellings. These good-looking apartments and condominiums from the 1950s are fortunate to have a lovely view too. The Tatum Waterway is right outside many windows. Also adding to the neighborhood’s housing stock: Single-family homes which line Hawthorne Avenue, on the west side, and look out over the water as well as toward neighboring Biscayne Point. During the recent real estate boom, a series of sleek new townhouses were planned and approved but the realty of the real estate market caught up to the excitement of the boom and the new projects have yet to be constructed. 

While most neighborhoods sorely lack green space, Biscayne Beach has not one but two parks. At the juncture of Hawthorne Avenue and Crespi Boulevard, the triangular Crespi Park sits at the area’s south end. Travel north on Hawthorne Avenue and Stillwater Park, a pleasant introduction at the gated entrance for Stillwater Drive, will be your ultimate destination. 

A slight detour east leads to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Just a few short blocks away, the wonderful North Shore Open Space Park, with its sea grass, sea grapes, and powdery white sand beach, beckons. Plenty more opportunities for recreation, including tennis and basketball, are available at the nearby refurbished North Shore Park and Youth Center

Within walking distance of their homes, Biscayne Beach residents can also enjoy a variety of dining options ranging from fast food to Italian to Mexican cuisine in North Beach’s Town Center business district. While shopping at independent stores peddling everything from hardware to sporting goods is possible in the nearby Bandshell Commercial District.  

All in all, Biscayne Beach offers a somewhat secluded location with the benefits of urban living a stone’s throw away from nature and the sand. Ideal indeed!Biscayne Beach Amenities

Biscayne Beach Attractions

  • Tatum Waterway
  • Pedestrian Bridges
  • Basketball Courts