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A sleek little condo just steps away from the beach – the ability to walk on the sand at any time of the day, every day, as often as you wish. Move to the North Shore area of North Beach and that’s one of the many features you are likely to enjoy.

Water borders the neighborhood bounded by 72nd  Street on the south and 87th Street to the north. The Atlantic Ocean hugs its eastern edge; the Tatum Waterway runs along the western boundary. The water and sand surely contributed to North Shore’s beachy and agricultural history. Early on, a Coast Guard station and a coconut plantation inhabited the landscape. Then a trio of brothers by the last name of Tatum – Smiley, Johnson, and Bethel – began to tame the land in 1919, platting for roads and residences. (The Tatums also developed the Altos Del Mar subdivision, on the ocean at 78th Street.)

After World War II, construction escalated and yielded a profusion of low-rise Miami Modern-style garden apartments designed by renowned architects such as Norman Giller and Gilbert Fein. Many such buildings underwent successful condo conversions during the real estate boom of the mid-2000s. The architecture’s open, airy feeling coupled with fine interior finishes attracted the kind of buyers that pay serious attention to quality of life.

hile the excitement of South Beach nightlife is just minutes to the south, the North Shore neighborhood presents residents and visitors with the best of many worlds. Athletes and outdoorsy types have an array of options. At the North Shore Youth Center basketball, baseball and tennis courts are among many opportunities for recreation. A few blocks northeast is North Shore Open Space Park, which runs approximately seven blocks from 79th to 87th Streets. The City run park features a wilderness-like landscape and pristine beach that entices sun worshippers equally game for a volleyball tournament or a cookout. Alongside the sand, from 63rd up to 79th Street, a newly completed beachwalk is a lure for walkers and joggers alike. 

Those yearning for a dose of culture can stroll over to the open-air North Beach Bandshell on the beach at 72nd Street. Painted a sunny yellow and soothing blue, the striking architectural marvel, designed in 1961 also by Norman Giller, plays host year-round to a multitude of events ranging from concerts by international musicians to family-oriented roller skating nights.

Speaking of families, they too can live an idyllic life in North Shore. In addition to all the prospects for outdoor fun, Biscayne Elementary School, located on the neighborhood’s west side, is a short walk from home for kids. And three private elementary schools also cater to youngsters in the area. 

There they can learn about the authors – Dickens, Byron, Carlyle – whose names grace some of the area’s streets. And anyone who wants to read their work can check out a book from the nearby North Shore branch of the Miami-Dade Public Library. Yet another element that adds to North Shore’s wonderful quality of life.



  • Proximity to the Beach
  • Walkability to Commercial District
  • Amazing Parks and Youth Center